On Wednesday Wednesday, Wednesday, the "Spotlight" singer celebrated her status as an EGOT by posting a picture on her social media account with her various trophy awards. 

In the picture, the model, who is 40, is sporting an MLB hat that bears the number 17 and her awards are set before her. 

Jennifer Hudson

The 17th number is of significance to Hudson because Hudson was named recently the 17th person in the EGOT club.

Jennifer Hudson's Talk Show

"Counting down til my birthday! In a few days, I will be 41 but then again I will always be 17! #EGOT #17," she captioned the picture.

New Trailer for Daytime Talk Show

Hudson was recognized in June when she won a Tony Award for her role as producer on A Strange Loop. The singer and actress had already received the Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar.

Following her huge victory in the 75th Tony Awards, she shared an intimate view of her joy following the ceremony in an Instagram video uploaded to Instagram.

"As I said when I won the Oscar [for Dreamgirls], look what God can do," she says in the video, where she holds champagne flutes to toast a few of her close friends. "Well God did it again.

"I got a dog and named it Oscar, and then I won my Oscar. And then I got a dog and named it Grammy, and then I won my Grammy,"

New Trailer for Daytime Talk Show

she told me at the moment. "So I'm thinking I'll purchase a few dogs and call the dogs Emmy and Tony -- and they'll provide me with luck and I'll be able to be able to win. They're my luck charms.