Jennifer Lopez is revealing the dangers of being a queen in the industry. 52-year-old Grammy Award-nominated recalled feeling "physically paralyzed"

during panic attacks that she suffered in her 20s due to exhaustion. In the most recent edition of her Newsletter, she emphasized the importance of sleep.

In my youth, I used to sleep for 3 to 5 hours each night. She wrote that she would be working on set all day, in the studio all night, 

doing junkets, and filming videos on weekends. "I was in my twenties and thought I was invincible.

Jennifer Lopez Reveal

I remember sitting in a trailer until one day. All the work and stress that it brought along with it,

Jennifer Lopez 

combined with the lack of sleep to recover mentally, was catching up to me. Lopez said that she felt "completely normal" and began to think about

the things that she needed to do. Then, Lopez added that she suddenly felt like she couldn't move.

Jennifer Lopez Reveal

Lopez wrote that she was "completely frozen". Lopez wrote that she couldn't see clearly and that the physical symptoms had "started scaring me and the fear compounded."

She added, Now I understand it was a classic panic attack caused by exhaustion. But I hadn't even heard of the term at that time. 

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