Jerrod Carmichael is down with the younger generation, however, he does now no longer get some of the older generations at all. In a new GQ profile,

he stated that the only person who reached out to him after he got here out became his 15-year-old niece.

The 35-year-old comic got here out as gay in his HBO special "Rothaniel" which released back in April  "I see you. I hear to you," his niece wrote him.

"I love this generation. I actually f--- with them, and f--- all the ones comedians which are going so tough against them," Carmichael stated.

It then grew to become his goal to 1 older comic in general, one that served as an inspiration for lots of younger Black comedians --

hell, nearly all comedians at one time -- Dave Chappelle. "Chappelle, do you understand what comes up while you Google your name, bro?"  

Carmichael requested the 48-year-vintage groundbreaking comic who is turning out to be greater known now for his continuous anti-trans jokes. "That's the legacy?"

Your legacy is a group of opinions on trans shit?" Carmichael continued in his rhetorical questioning. "It's an odd hill to die on. And it is like, hey, bro.