The Logo's favorite player is Michael Jordan Jerry West is one of the most iconic figures in basketball history. He is an all-time great basketball player and executive.

His legacy will be forever linked to the game of basketball. Many are drawn to West's basketball insight and knowledge,

having reached the highest levels of the game. This includes his leadership of the LA Clippers' front office and the other organizations he has aided guide.  

However, it also includes his personal views and perspectives on the game's past.

Jerry West Player

Jerry West answered a question about his favorite player and said that Michael Jordan was probably his favorite player.

There are many other great players I know and have been involved with but Jordan is the best example of what I consider to be a great basketball player.

West spoke about Jordan's great attributes. He said that he can play on both ends of the court and his teams win.

Jerry West

In the final quarter, he'll be there. Most importantly, Michael is a brother to me. He is a great person to spend time with.

The Logo gave Jordan high praise for his achievements on and off the court. Many of the great players in the game have expressed similar opinions about Jordan,

and Jerry West was the latest to voice his opinion on his favorite player.

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