Jesse Tyler Ferguson officiated his long-time acquaintance as well as Modern Family co-star Sarah Hyland's wedding, but he has said that he was not the initial selection for the ceremony!

The actor of 46 years talked about his wedding at the premiere of Netflix's Ivy and Bean on Monday night (August 29) at the Harmony Gold Theatre in Los Angeles.

Jesse was presented on stage by his co-stars Sasha Pieterse, Kesler Blalock, Lidya Jewett, Marci T. House, Garfield Wilson, Jesse Gervasi, and others.

"I don't know if people know this, but Ty Burrell was meant to do it, and there was a family emergency," Jesse stated regarding officiating the wedding.

"So, I got a phone call 12 days before the wedding, and that's why Ty wasn't there, he had stuff going on."

Jesse added, "Everyone was invited and not everyone could make it, but I had 12 days, and I was like, 'Well, no pressure this is my first time, and then it's going to be a wedding,

and it's going to be in Vogue magazine, and there's also going to be paparazzi shots of me from a helicopter, officiating, no pressure.'"

"But I did call Ty, 'Like what are some of your bullet points that you were going to talk about, because I need to fast track this,'" He added. 

"He didn't have anything written up however he did have some thoughts, and I thought"Oh, this's an excellent idea.

This is a good jumping-off point. I was honoured to have the opportunity to participate. I was very happy to be a student of Ty Burrell.