Over the last couple of years, K-pop fans have paid much attention to this label P Nation which was formed 

by K-pop's king of pop, turned CEO Psy. After his cult success with "Gangnam Style", Psy left YG Entertainment,

On July 6th, it was announced by P Nation's team that their exclusive agreement with Jessi ended. In the announcement, P Nation said, 

"We want to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who has shown Jessi lots of affection and love."

The announcement further stated that Jessi's contract as an exclusive artist to P Nation had recently expired. 

The announcement continued "As Jessi was the very first member to be signed by P Nation, Jessi has been working with P Nation from the beginning until the present."

The label said that Jessi has established herself as an artist, and is adored by more fans because of her dedication and relentless efforts. 

Being with Jessi was an enjoyable and positive experience for all the staff members of the label, too. The label closed its statement with

the words We will be supportive of Jessi's career as an artist for the foreseeable future and will continue to assist her in her numerous projects.

One fan wrote"I would love Jessi could start her own business. She has an incredible understanding of the business, and whenever she advises someone, she is knowledgeable about.

One fan commented, "Wait a whole minute! This happened so quickly that I had no idea she'd sign a new contract with P'nation. They appear to be so great."

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