Jessie J has revealed that she's "grieving the loss" of her child following the dreadful miscarriage in November of last year.

on Instagram on Friday she posted two photos of her at the time she was just 16 and another which appeared to have been taken in recent times.

In her caption, she proceeded to write a heartfelt message about how it's been not "easy" for her to have a child after her marriage in the year before.

"When I was 16 years old I wrote a list of things I wanted by the time I was 30," she wrote. "1st top of the list was being a mother.

At 35, I'm experiencing sometimes feel I'm still dealing with the sorrow of losing my child and the difficulty to have one,

as well as the desire for my life to be in this way to look entirely different from how it currently looks, which is overwhelming me.

Jessie J 

Price Tag," the "Price Tag" singer whose real name is Jessica Ellen Cornish, went further to admit how "normal" 

it is to be a victim of "days of complete sadness" and she hopes to "honor all the feelings that come up, good and bad".

Jessie J

The bad isn't often at all and yes I could go through this moment right now today alone in private and usually do, but today I am here," she wrote.

Jessie finished her speech by expressing her gratitude to everyone in the world who've experienced miscarriages and "feel the same way as she doe

"Because I'm aware that millions of people across the world who feel exactly as I do. Perhaps you've read this and feel the affection

I feel in my heart for you," She added. "I hope you can. Connecting is the key. Hugging you all."

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