Jessie James Decker is "open and honest" about her mental health. On June 23rd, the 34-year-old country star posted a lengthy message on Instagram in which

she revealed the struggles she has with depression her body image, and family problems. She acknowledged that she's always wanted to let her emotions "off my chest" with her fans.

Jessie confessed that she's "struggled" in the past few years. My anxiety has grown as has my self-esteem and my confidence has decreased, she wrote. 

She acknowledged that sometimes she'll simply cry and break down. I've been fighting various body image issues, and when I consider it, I'm likely to always have.

They ought to have known better" the singer has also acknowledged that she's "struggling with the difficulties" throughout her career.

She's always dreamed of becoming a country music star since the age of a child but she's feeling like she's always

in a fight with other artists to show them that I'm not just a television celebrity or an influencer it has outdone my music.

She also said that I live an amazing life with many blessings. However, I am still struggling and I need to relax and improve the mental state of my body.