Jimmy Fallon has seen some large stars on his shows throughout the decades, but there's one person he'd like to meet!

In a recent interview, the late-night host of 47 shared the guest which he hopes to appear in the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon someday.

We sent out the message to the Queen. Jimmy told Entertainment Tonight. "Whenever she is invited to appear on this show. 

when she's interested in playing beer pong, she's willing to do what she would like to do. "We'll go to her," Jimmy added. "Whatever Her Majesty's wants, we'll do.

Jimmy said that the show always assures guests and celeb co-hosts as well, that they do not have to be concerned about when they appear in The Tonight Show, and it's the whole point of "fun."

Our show is warm and welcoming and always entertaining and hilarious. funny," Jimmy stated. 

Jimmy Fallon

Everyone knows that you don't have anything to worry about when you watch our show. We have talented writers, and you'll need to show up and be open and be able to draw sketches.