Jodie Sweetin could not avoid feeling the presence that her TV father Bob Saget when she got married last month in the company of Mescal Wasilewski. it was all because of John Stamos.

A former "Full House" star, 40, revealed to E! the Daily Pop on Tuesday that Stamos and his wife, Caitlin McHugh, 

we're ready to leave their home to go to her wedding ceremony in Malibu, California, on July 30th, the day McHugh suggested to her husband change his clothes.

Stamos took another shirt from his closet, only to realize after he was in the vehicle that it wasn't large for him.

Jodie Sweetin

Then it dawned on Stamos that he'd grabbed the Saget's shirt that his late wife, Kelly Rizzo, had given him after the popular comedian passed away in January at the age of 65.

It was a black button-up, which, Bob would always wear. Bob always wore the black button-up," Sweetin explained. "It was the shirt of Bob.

Stamos arrived at the wedding wearing Saget's dress and ensured Sweetin was aware of it. "So, Bob was there in a weird manner," said Sweetin.

When she found out that Stamos was wearing Saget's dress The "Just Swipe" star was overcome by emotion.

Jodie Sweetin

I I hugged John after which I just like, kissed his shirt and thought"Bob's here too,"'" she said,

Jodie Sweetin

saying that Stamos said to that she, I have to tell you that, for example, Bob was supposed to be there. He was just present to witness this.