In an interview with The Breakfast Club, rapper and actor Joey Badass opened up about his reasons for seeking therapy

as well as how the COVID-19 epidemic helped him grow as well as his decision to not join Jay-Z when his age.

Joey's newly released album 2000 features the rapper referring to Hov by referencing Hov in his "Make Me Feel" bars, 

"I came up from the underground and had to keep climbin'/I peep the game like Jay, that's why he didn't sign us."

Jay has definitely...Jay is my idol," he told the radio hosts in the 12-minute moment above when asked about the song's lyrics.

He mentioned a passage of Jay-Z's 2011 Decodedbook where the singer-songwriter remembered having the pleasure of meeting

Russell Simmons for the first time and also when Joey knew he wanted to become one of those record executives, rather than signing up to one.

"That was kind of the inspiration behind that line, it's like, you know, shit didn't work out," Badass declared.

In 2012, just after an album release, his breakout mixtape 1999, Joey met with Jay at the Roc Nation office.