Joey King is making a fashion impact on the Big Apple. The 22-year-old Kissing Booth actress made an appearance in the Big Apple. Kissing Booth actress made an appearance

On Good Morning America on Tuesday (June 21) to announce her new Hulu film, The Princess. The Le-Van Kiet-directed film is released on the streaming site on July 1.

In an interview, Joey talked regarding the necessary preparation to fulfill the job and also about being a part of the project right from the beginning.

Joey King 

"The premiere was fantastic. I had a lot of enjoyment. I find it a bit crazy to go to a movie you've worked so hard for,

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You've been involved before that director was even in place or studio, or even a studio at all, to finally be able to make it to the premier

and all the effort to put in and all the effort that went into was an enjoyable, satisfying moment," she said about attending the premiere last week.

"It was among the toughest things I've done to my body or endured in my life...but I also recognize the reasons why people get addicted to it.

I was so energized by itand energized to go to work each morning and was an amazing experience."

FYI for her black GMA style, Joey King is wearing an all-milkwhite. Outfit, the Doc Martens footwear, Michigan Mom Shop earrings Shaun Leane thumb rings and Misho Designs rings.