John Legend is speaking out about the devastating death of the third son he had along with the woman he married, Chrissy Teigen.

For those who don't know that the couple went through losing their infant son Jack who was stillborn two years ago..

In a recent interview, John discussed his decision to make public the tragic news. 

John Legend Heartbreaking Loss

I was reluctant to reveal the story, but I believe Chrissy was absolutely right. A lot more people than anyone are aware of this and

think that they are isolated," John told BBC Radio 4. "It was a very important, smart decision for Chrissy to tell the story.

John has an album that will be released shortly and has said that some songs are about the grief of loss.

John Legend 

There's no true comfort, and you'll always feel the loss. It's kind of spread out in time,

John Legend

and it's not as difficult to feel however you'll never forget what the man said. The couple is expecting a second child.

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