John Mayer has an update on his dad, Richard Mayer. "This morning my father was afflicted with an emergency medical situation and was taken 

to the ER in which he received the needed and excellent medical attention," the 44-year-old wrote in a post to his Instagram Stories.

So, Mayer said that he would not perform in conjunction with Dead & Company as originally scheduled.

He's currently healthy," he continued. "And is still undergoing certain procedures, but as you'll understand I'm required to

remain in NYC and won't be able to participate in tonight's performance on the stage in Saratoga Springs.

"Wild Blue," the "Wild Blue" singer wrote the note on a red heart. Dead & Company's concert on stage in Saratoga Springs was ultimately canceled due to the announcement.

In the statement posted that was posted on the Saratoga Performing Art Center's Official Facebook Page, the organization announced that the show was cancelled "due to unexpected circumstances.

As of now, no further information about Richard Mayer's health are available. The year 2021 was the first time Mayer said that he

returned in New York City for the first time in more than one year, after the COVID-19 epidemic, to visit his father.

I went because I had not seen my father since a little over an year time ago," he told his friend Andy Cohen during episode of his radio show.

"And the vaccine was given to him and, the moment he was given that -- one week after receiving the second dose I took an airplane to visit him. He's 93 years old, so I'm saying,

here's no bad year to be lost to the virus. As you reach your 90s, your years get more important.

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