Jojo Siwa is available on Disney+'s High School Musical The Musical for an extra guest appearance on the latest episode 

"It's crazy to think that I'm a part of this world now. It's wild!" Siwa spoke to ET in an interview on Zoom interview.

"I remember when I first got the ask, I immediately was like, 'Yes. Don't know when, don't know who, don't know how, but yes, make it happen,' to my team. 

And they did. It was honestly some of the most fun days of my life while filming this show. The cast is so kind, the crew was awesome. I mean, everything about this show was just perfect."

The JoJo Goesstar is seen at Camp Shallow Lake as Madison Maddox's (Saylor Bell Curda) ex-girlfriend as well as an ex-camper. 

Also, the couple who split at a camp prom and finally confronted the truth about the reasons why their relationship didn't end up working and eventually reconciled and turned a new page.

"Madison and Maddox had a little love life in the past, but they are broken up with now. However, Maddox needs some help and her brother [Jet] brings this girl into play," Siwa told Siwa. 

"When you have a certain connection with somebody, they can heal a piece of you without even knowing it.

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I suffered from a severe stress eruption right on the 'Dance Moms' show, I would scratch at it throughout the day," Siwa said. "And I injured every hair follicle was ever there.