Jojo Siwa said that a bald spot on her forehead was a result of her experience watching "Dance Moms" as a young girl not of the long ponytails she wore for decades.

In the TikTok footage, she revealed that her appearance on the show caused her to have an unable patch in her hair.

"When someone spots my bald spot and asks what's the source ...," Siwa stated in a caption on the screen of 

an on-screen video that shows her short hair around her head before switching to pictures of her on the show.

Prior to that, she was well-known for her hair with an encased, tight ponytail which was often with bows of her own. 

According to Vulture previously revealed that people had speculated on the internet that Siwa's ponytails resulted in hair loss.

Siwa explained that the spot was caused by stress, not because of the ponytails she used to frequently wear.

This is due to the fact that when I was a kid You can see that I do have a small amount of it right now However, when I was a kid,

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I suffered from a severe stress eruption right on the 'Dance Moms' show, I would scratch at it throughout the day," Siwa said. "And I injured every hair follicle was ever there.