Jojo Siwa is sharing information about her house. The house of the 19-year-old was decorated in a bright, colorful, and sparkly style that reflected her brand.

As Jojo gets older, she's made a lot of changes. She has ditched the bows and cut her hair. She has also been working to tone down her house.

It did go down a few notches. That's because I was a very, very committed YouTuber," JoJo said to People

"I used to film in my house and wanted to be Jake Paul back then... My career changed into more music, more TV, more movies, and more of that kind of stuff.

It was strange for me to go into the house after I stopped filming there every day. It felt like work. My family agreed with me that we 

should make the house a peaceful, beautiful, tranquil, and serene place. Take a look at her 2020 house tour to see how it used to look.

JoJo also spoke out about the other changes she has made in her adulthood. She said, "I am very committed right now to both my physical and mental health. 

"I am very, really focused on exercising right now, eating right now, and drinking water right now.

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