Jessalynn's Siwa has shared her opinion following her daughter's choice of Candace Cameron Bure as the "rudest celebrity" she's ever encountered in the course of a TikTok contest last month.

I've discussed the issue on my show a few weeks ago." Jessalynn captioned her Aug. 1 Instagram post.

"The latest story that was told was not quite correct, and here's the actual version. In the end, day, this is not just about a single picture, 

but the way you treat others. Sincere, genuine love will always go a long way. It's easy to use a Bible verse even

when everyone is watching your behavior, but morals are the only thing you've got when no one is watching.

In the clip, Jessalynn said she and JoJo were "obsessed" with Candace since watching her as D.J. Tanner in Full House.

She recalls the first time she was introduced to the actress during an event for Fuller House, the sequel series to the popular '80s series, situated in Los Angeles.

It was awe-inspiring and charming," Jessalynn shared. "There's no people in the room. Everyone from the show attend and they show two episodes. It was a blast. Then we went to the up to the deck.