The actor, 38 years old, revealed that he decided not to promote his movies in the future as he continues to work on his mental health.

Jonah announced the news in an open letter to Deadline. The decision was made as promotional duties for his film, Stutz.

He wrote, "Through the journey of self-discovery in the film, I have come across the understanding that 

my anxiety attacks have been with me for nearly 20 years, which are exacerbated when I am exposed to media."

Stutzfoc uses on Jonah and his therapist discussing openly his mental health issues. It will be presented at the fall festivals this year.

Jonah continued. "You won't find me out there promoting the film or any of my future films while I take this necessary step to protect myself."

Jonah continued. "I wouldn't act true to myself and the film if I made myself sicker by going to promote it."

He continued, "I often cringe at statements or letters like these but I know that I am one of the few who can afford time off.

I will not lose my job to manage my anxiety. This letter, along with Stutz will help me make it easier for people to openly talk about their anxiety and take action. 

To help them feel better, and to help others understand their problems.

Jonah Hill Reveals He Will Not Promote His Films Anymore