Oscar Awards are unforgettable. Oscar Awards are unforgettable and the Oscars 2022 are even more so due to the incident of 

Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on the stage. In a recent interview actor, Judi Dench who was in the audience at the time spoke about the incident.

In a chat with a UK publication the actress, who was nominated to be Best Supporting Actress for her performance in 

Belfast at the Academy Awards revealed what she and other people present at the incident in the beginning.

In a recent conversation in the United Kingdom's The Sunday Times, Judi Dench talked about the legendary Oscars 2022 moment that saw Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on stage.

In a candid account of what she and the majority of others who attended the evening thought about Dench said that the incident was like a comedy skit.

Judi Dench has been quoted as saying, "We thought that it was a prank. Everyone did. And then, "Oh this isn't a joke." 

She also stated in the Times, "It was just never-ending this year. That was the most enjoyable part actually."

In the same conversation she also discussed her Oscars 2022 and her grandson, who is 25 years old Sam 

who had the pleasure of meeting Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield. The veteran actress claimed that she was thrilled that her son "loved" the encounter.

In relation to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock incident, it occurred when the 53-year-old was not happy with 

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the comedian's 57 year old making fun of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith's hair shaved.