Julie Chen is opening up about the current season of Big Brother and how a game decision made by a contestant has her worried.

The long-running host sat down with the EW following a recent double expulsion followed by a split twist to the house.

Julie Chen

The 10 contestants were split between two teams of 5 and played entirely distinct games with one group staying in the house while the other group was confined out to their backyard.

In the past couple of weeks in the last weeks, the Leftovers alliance was making the decisions, however, one of the Leftovers was able to stop the proceedings during the splitting house twist.

Kyle is a wildcard in the alliance since the showmance he started together with Alyssa Snider who isn't an integral part of the seven-member group.

In the split house twist, the pair decided to switch to the Leftovers to save his showmance partner.

There's something in the way Kyle was a traitor to his friends which irritates me. This happened shortly after he had been unsure about 

using his viewpoint to save Alyssa while Daniel and Daniel were the ones to decision to veto.

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It was more of an effort to protect himself and his long-term viability in the game, rather than his romance or girlfriend." Julie told News47.

Turner is also part of the backyard group. They chose to stay in with Kyle as opposed to their member of the alliance Joseph Joseph, who was kicked out the week before.