Kanye West is "dating" Candice Swanepoel. However, Page Six has been told by sources that it is not true love. They claim it is "BS" to sell sunglasses.

Swanepoel, who is also the face of Yeezy sunglasses, was seen together at a New York Fashion Week party. 

Marketing-savvy West knows that a romantic relationship would make a big difference to the brand's image. It's not a bad thing to date one of the most beautiful women in the world.

According to TMZ, they left the fete in West's SUV after they had a few drinks with Chris Rock and drove to the hotel together.

ET was informed by a source that Kanye West and Candice were dating. Their relationship is fresh. They have bonded over fashion and creativity.

Our insider claims it's mostly a PR stunt. Swanepoel is, we think, also the face of Kim Kardashian's new Skims campaign. was also the face of Kim Kardashian's Skims campaign.

West broke off his relationship with Gap, this week after the party for new sunnies (or SHDZ as he calls it). He claimed that they didn't live up to their promises.