Kanye 45 took to Instagram with another batch of grotesque memes on Saturday.

Kanye West claims he had a ‘good meeting’ with Kim Kardashian

He posted the first screenshots of several individuals on his Adidas/Gap board, with whom have been fighting.

Then he drew images of brand new Gap SVP - Daniel Cherry Kid Cudi, and Pete 28 tacked to the back with his tongue out in his infant clothing.

Pete Davidson

"Nah, Come on guys, I love it," the caption read. photo. Before sharing the image, Kanye shared the exact photo without Pete.

He captioned the snap on Saturday: "Hi guys I'm back. "Sorry to take this long to get this message out. I had a great meeting with Kim regarding the schools.

"But on another note, I'm sure this pic gonna send Adidas stock through the ceiling. You're welcome Jing Ulrich, who is on the board at Adidas and JP Morgan."

"So it makes sense now that when I wanted to sale JP Morgan went silent," said the banker.

Kanye West claims he had a ‘good meeting’ with Kim Kardashian

Kanye then mimicked Pete at least writing: "'Leave him alone. Hello North I'm Skete. Take a look at my tattoos.

I'm a pawn that's here to get your dad's attention hoping that he'll commit something criminal so that we can remove him in your own life.'

"Oh Saint, look at my tattoo- I tatted your name on my body." Pete has at least four tattoos on Kim as they were dating One was one neck tattoo of all her children, with Kanye's initials.