The Minnesota Timberwolves pushed all their chips into the middle of the table following trading a plethora of first-round selections for the most effective defensive

The Wolves are looking to experiment with two big lineups in the era of the NBA in which every team is striving to shrink.

To make room for Gobert, KAT will go back to his college times and play power forward in addition to an offensive-minded center. 

The thing that is different is that in college the teammate was Willie Caulie Stein and now he's the guy who has taken home 3 of the last five DPOY awards.

Both Gobert KAT and Gobert KAT are listed on a tiny list of the top centers within the NBA and are expected to join the team.

Both have been awarded a dazzling contract which will make the Wolves accountable for them an amount of $430 million

owed each of them for the duration of their current contracts. In 2022-23, alone the Wolves will make payments of $71 million to the duo.

It's very difficult to decide if Minnesota will achieve success in the face of KAT in place and Gobert taking more than $70 million out of Minnesota's capital space each season.

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It is important to look at this roster together, and know how much Gobert increased the floor for defense in the Wolves team.