Vampire Diaries actress Kat Graham opened up about her experience being the "only minority” on the show. spoke exclusively to the star of Vampire Diaries, Bonnie Bennett, about the experience of filming the series.

She said, "I was always an odd man out." "I was the only minority at the show.

Kat Graham recalls struggle

"I was the only performer and the only one who released [music] on the show. So I was already a little different."

In an interview with Vampire Diaries, the Vampire Diaries actress said that she would lie about her age to be a backup dancer.

Kat said: "I did back-up dancing, but I was too young. "I couldn't go on tour with all the artists like I wanted because I was minor."

The singer shared that she had a brilliant way around it. Kat stated: "So, I'd lie to my age and get a little further and then I would be found out.

"Then, I was eventually booking some stuff as guest stars, and I did a lot of Disney stuff."

Kat Graham recalls struggle

The actress was asked how she managed to balance her acting and singing career while being on the show. She said she didn't have much time for herself.

Kat responded: "The cast enjoyed being off, which was probably the most healthy. "But I was trying to balance my home life, which was in LA at that time. I had a fiancée and I was running to LA."

Kat stated: "If there was a red carpet event, the only people I knew who could do my makeup were my friends. [Who have] become stars of RuPaul's Drag Race.