Kate Hudson often uploads videos and photos of how she trains and what her meals are to her personal account. This motivates her audience to take better care of their bodies and health.

We must give her credit. The actress, 43, is in good shape and can comfortably wear a bikini. In an interview, she also admitted that she enjoys acting nude.

This shows the mother of three children spinning in front of the camera in a white swimsuit. It has a strapless bodice with high-waisted trunks. She shows off her perfect body

Then she adds a little black dress to it. She looks even more luxurious. Kate is seen wearing Stuart Weitzman bow sandals that she created with the brand. They are great for evening and bikini wear.

However, this doesn't bother her fans who leave enthusiastic comments like "You look like an angel!" ", "Perfect."

Hawn posted a photo of Russell embracing him on his page. He wrote, "How can I express the gratitude and love that I feel for this wonderful father who has given so much to us in this life?" Gave.