Model Kate Moss has posted a photo of the moment the actor Johnny Depp produced a diamond necklace from his groin to give as a present to her.

"That Diamond necklace Johnny gifted me. These were the first diamonds I owned. They were pulled out of the crack in his arse. 

We were heading out for dinner and he told me, 'I've discovered something inside my bum. Do you want to take an appearance at it?'

I thought"What?' I put my hands down his trousers and took out a diamond necklace. That the diamond-colored necklace."

Moss said she'd lost the White John Galliano gown she was wearing on the night. "If someone is able to find it on the market I would appreciate it if they returned it to me.

It's my most fav dress. It was given to me by my father to celebrate my 21 birthday. birthday. These Manolo (Blahnik)

sneakers were among my absolute favorite pair of shoes. I wore them all the time. They were called the Mary Jane, black patent.

"We were leaving the room, and Johnny left the room before I did," Moss was a witness. "There was a heavy rainstorm.

When I left my room I fell down the stairs . I injured my back. I shouted, as I didn't know what happened and was hurting.

He rushed back to me to help me, and took me to the hospital and arranged for me to be treated by a doctor."