The show was a bit awkward in the latest live show on the show Watch What Happens Live.

Kathy Hilton Confuses Lizzo

The night of Wednesday (August 10, 2009), Kathy Hilton and Crystal Kung Minkoff appeared on the Bravo late-night show,

along with host Andy Cohen to chat about the most recent season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

During the show, Andy with the girls played called "Will! Kathy! Know Them! ?" where Andy would present the image of a famous person while Kathy was required to determine who they were.

The situation became very awkward after Kathy was sharing her thoughts after Andy presented an illustration that showed Lizzo.

I'm sure you do...Precious?" Kathy commented when she was looking at the photo from Lizzo that was shown on the clip that was posted on Twitter.

Kathy declaring Precious she was in reference to Gabourey Sidibe who played the lead role of Precious in the film that was titled, Precious.

The Bravo Clubhouse when Andy, Crystal and the bartenders looked at their feet and cringed when they heard Kathy's reply.

Crystal attempted to resolve the issue by saying "She is precious, but Lizzo has value. "That's what I call her." Kathy added. "Her name is 'Precious' for me.

In addition, during the game Kathy could not recognize Justin Timberlake or Dwayne Johnson neither could she identify Justin Timberlake or Dwayne Johnson.