After supporting Rick Caruso as Los Angeles mayor, Katy Perry is getting criticized for her pro-choice tweet.

The "Dark Horse", the 37-year-old singer posted via Twitter: Baby, you're a firework'' is a 10. However, women in the U.S. have fewer rights than real sparklers smh.

Fans quickly reminded the singer that she supported the billionaire businessman, 63. He had previously opposed abortion.

One person tweeted, "You supported an anti-abortion candidate in the past 30 days," while sharing a screenshot from Perry's June 5 tweet. It read: "RICK CARUSO FW [for victory]!"

Another user stated that Rick Caruso, a Republican candidate for anti-abortion, was not obvious from the advertisements. 

He has done an excellent job of creating a false image of himself for the voters. Pay attention to the backgrounds of all candidates.

ABC Eyewitness News reports that Planned Parenthood asked Caruso to apologize for his funding in the past, ahead of the U.S. 

Supreme Court's decision overturning Roe v. Wade.Rick has always been pro-choice and has always supported Roe v. Wade.

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