Keanu Reeves 57, was a spectator to the excitement of the rainy British Grand Prix qualifying race at Silverstone

The circuit in England as the actor prepares to begin filming his brand new Formula 1 documentary series.

"It was wet but it was thrilling," the driver stated to Sky Sports. "It was amazing to be so near. Silverstone and rain, perfect. 

I would say that being so near to the track, being able to see the speed and manner in which they're moving at the turns, and then exiting the corners is something that's amazing.

We're being welcomed by Ross Brawn. Ross Brawn is an iconic figure and an incredible person, so it was amazing to get to know him and spend time with him.

He gave us the opportunity to join him. We're planning to do, we're going to tell this incredible, amazing story, Reeves said.

He's currently developing a docu-series on his 2009 Formula 1 season, which was the first time to use Brawn,

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the Brawn racing car following Honda was dropped of F1 the year prior to.