Keke Palmer is enjoying watching her sister in the show Claim to Fame!

Keke Palmer Gushes Over Her Sister

The actress' older sister's identity was only revealed during the ABC competition show.

Keke Palmer "Claim To Fame"

In this week's show, LC, whose name is "Loreal", admitted to the viewers Keke was actually her younger sister. 

The other contestants are certainly being able to discern a clue however, she's still hopeful that they'll think she's connected to Laurence Fishburne This is a common guess.

The most recent clue to LC was a costume of a bee that was worn by Keke in his popular film Akeelah and the Bee,

which also starred Laurence along with Angela Bassett. A while ago, Keke dished her sister off for being in the program.

I'm living the dream of her appearance in the Claim to Fame I'm talking about how she's giving everything. I'm very happy for her,"

"You are aware that everyone from my clan is a character, and clearly she's my sister from a previous relationship,

and the majority of what you know and think of myself, learned from her. So I'm really happy.

Keke Palmer

Keke was the first to state the LC must be cautious but... "She's going to have be careful to keep her mouth shut," she said. We have similar cadences.

that is the one we call the cadence is what we refer to it as. We hope she won't let it slip away. However, I'm so happy for her! She's an absolute star.