This week, Ripa and Consuelos shared their excitement over their daughter Lola Consuelos The debut single "Paranoia Silverlining" due out in August. 9.

Ripa 51, who is a singer, posted the announcement via Instagram Story by posting an image of Lola 21 smiling.

She captioned it with "6 Days Until the first single of LOLA's debut album is out." She also posted to TikTok 

Mark Consuelos's daughter 

where Lola played a teaser of the song using a snippet. Mark 51 shared the news via Instagram Story.

Ripa, as well as Mark both, have children - Michael who is 25, as well as Joaquin Antonio, 19 -and they are not afraid when they have to raise their children.

This June Ripa honored the birthday of Lola's 21st birthday with a set of photos of her baby -- and she sat down

to talk about the plans for her birthday in an episode of "Live" on Kelly and Ryan. Kelly as well as Ryan

It's Lola Consuelos' 21 birthday," Ripa announced to the crowd. "We are waiting for her to come back. She's currently stuck in Europe at the moment. Yes, poor Lola.