After her co-host, Ryan Seacrest asked Ripa if she would visit a nude beach, Ripa spoke out on Wednesday's episode.

No, no. Eww. "Eww." She responded looking at the camera in disgust. She Said" Let me explain whoever seen me without cloths.

However, she did show gratitude to her husband Mark Consuelos for the skin-bearing moment they captured on their honeymoon.

She shared that she did go topless for my honeymoon, and she was so grateful. Consuelos also took a candid photo of Consuelos napping topless.

I was like, "How could you take that picture of me?" I was naked when the man on my photo mat saw it! Mark was like,

"Yeah, okay. Because he's zoning out on your ...'," she thought back to her husband's nonchalant response compared to her surprise one.

Ripa said that the shoebox is still a treasured relic. You may have noticed that I frequently go through the shoebox,

and then I think to myself, "Well, just remember!" It used to look this way! She said. 

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