Kenan Thompson will be speaking at the finale on Saturday Night Live.

Kenan Thompson reveal 'Saturday Night Live' End

On the Comedy Central show "Hell of A week the actor of 44 the actor who's SNL's longest-running cast members

- shared his thoughts about the time he believes the show's run should end and it's coming up. 

Saturday Night Live

Charlamagne The God, Kenan discussed the possibility of SNL will be ending at the end of the 50th season which will air in 2024's fall and end in 2025's spring.

This rumor first came out in the month of December 2021, in 2021, when SNL producer Lorne Michaels at 77,

stated the show's creator was contemplating taking a break and going to leave the comedy-variety program to go on the road after fifty years of SNL.

Does that sound like a rumor? Well, I'll need to begin making plans," Kenan told me. "There may be a lot of truth in that idea because 50 is an excellent number to be aiming for 

... It's an amazing package. It's likely that he'll be around 80 years old of age by then and, you know that he's been the one to have his say on the entire process.

When debating what the show could be in the event that Lorne quits, Kenan said, "If somebody tries to take over Michaels role," 

it would be an "good chance to NBC for them to make money...They could cut the budget, and after that it's impossible to do the same type of show.

Therefore, it's unfair to see it really get swept away in fires in real time because of these restrictions," Kenan added. "Capping the number at 50 might be a good idea.