Kesha looked stunning as she promoted her new series at a Big Apple press day! The 35-year-old pop star made appearances on The Today Show and SiriusXM on Monday morning (June 27) in New York City.

Kesha has been in the process of promoting the Discovery Plus series Conjuring Kesha which follows the star's journey as she delves

into the unknown with some of her most famous acquaintances and experts from the supernatural to look for the mysteries of the universe.

In the Today Show interview, Kesha was asked what she did to get her celeb pals to be involved.

Kesha looked stunning

I'd love to check out your text chain along with all your famous pals. Did you say, "Hey girl this is Kesha. Are you interested in coming to

explore the most frightening spot there is on Earth with me Do you want to go on a journey with me?'" she asked.

Kesha responded"You know what? sort of! A few of them were like"Why do you do this? It's fine! Whitney Cummings is on the

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premiere episode, and she's saying"Can we not? Would you like to go to the Grammys But no We're going to a haunted jail.