Three years ago, the Brooklyn Nets were celebrating as a franchise when Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant joined the team in 2019.

Three years later, the Nets are still without a title. Kevin Durant requested a trade. If he is granted, Kyrie Irving would likely follow him out of Brooklyn.

On Sunday night, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski stated Brooklyn does not have traction on Irving or Durant deals and that they are patient 

as they technically do not need to trade either. Wojnarowski pointed out that the franchise isn't in the best position to keep both All-Stars.

The Kevin Durant sweepstakes heated up on June 30, when free agency began and Durant told Joseph Tsai, the Nets owner, that he wants to be traded.

Nearly the entire league inquired about Durant’s availability and offered up many trade proposals to land the next generational talent. However, the Nets have yet to receive any deals they would like.

A trade involving Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant could be made at any moment as the offseason progresses, with free agency included.

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It is equally possible that no deal will be made due to the high price of both players by the Nets in trade negotiations.