Kevin Federline's lawyer is sharing his views on the tense conflict between him with Sam Asghari, who is Britney Spears's current husband.

After Kevin made a statement about his children's relationship with their mother Britney, Sam slammed him for speaking out about the matter.

In a video released by TMZ in a video, the lawyer commented about what was happening.

Kevin Federline's Attorney

" Kevin understands Sam is Britney's new husband. Sam isn't going to make a statement in opposition to Britney,"

lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan revealed on the clip. " Sam really does not really know Kevin. He isn't sure what's happening within Kevin's home.

Mark stated"that Kevin's claims the fact that Kevin does not work "is an attack on Kevin which Kevin does not likely to defend by responding."

Kevin worked all day long. By the way, while this isn't exactly the way he earns money for himself,

there's no job more demanding than raising six children , including two together with Britney. It's a full-time job He added.

If there were some truth in her children being embarrassed by their mother's actions and their positive body image it wouldn't mean 

they'd be the first teenagers to feel ashamed of their parents. Many children are embarrassed by their parents at some point.

Britney Spear

In the end, if they don't already, they'll see that their mothers' choices are innocent and an expression of their newly discovered freedom.