Kevin Smith has confirmed the future of one of his much-anticipated projects that will be hosted by the streaming service.

As Warner Bros. Discovery Chief Executive David Kaslav defended canceling Batgirl in light of reports about the network's possibility of layoffs,

the 52-year-old creator of comic books and a filmmaker was on the air during the latest show Hollywood Babble-On.

Kevin Smith confirmed HBO Max's DC Comics series, Strange Adventures officially ended after several years of development.

A few years ago, HBO Max announced they were working on a DC anthology show called Strange Adventures,

created by Arrowverse's Greg Berlanti who was expected to "explore close-ended morality tales about the intersecting lives of mortals and superhumans" through Deadline.

In the podcast, Kevin said that he along with Supergirl creator Eric Carrasco was creating an episode that would have been about

Jimmy Olsen and Perry White being transported to Bizarro into Bizarro World. Kevin had been scheduled to direct the episode.