Rumors have been swirling for months suggesting that Khloe Kardashian was involved in an affair with an investor in private equity however, they've reportedly ended their relationship.

News47 has reported that the reality TV star, who is 38, as well as Good American founder is now dating a man after the birth of her second child.

KHLOE previously denied being engaged in a romantic relationship with anyone. However, sources claimed at the time they believed she was at the "early stage" of the beginning of a relationship.

The connection was never made public, and the identity of the investor was never disclosed. The source claims that they "slowly ended in the last couple of months."

Khloe is enjoying her single life with her focus solely on her family and her job," the insider added.

Khloe is looking forward to finding love once in the future if the right person is found but she is incredibly content currently. She's not looking and doesn't have any expectations.

The actress recently had her second baby with her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson through a surrogate. They're now parents of one boy!