Which colleges football "power" conferences are we likely to end up having?

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ESPN College Football analyst Kirk Herbstreit thinks the number could be three. There's a chance we'll end up having three powerful conferences.

There are three conferences: The Big Ten and the SEC are clearly two of these conferences. Who will be the third?

There will be three teams competing: the ACC, Big 12, and Pac-12 will be in competition.

College Football World React

The solution to college football's issues is promotion and demotion, as one fan suggested. Two fans are the only ones that will be strong, a third fan was added.

Herbie is right Here. A majority of ACC is in danger (FSU, Clemson, and Miami are likely to find a place),

UNC & UVA could be in danger, but honing has to come together to form FBS Lite!" one fan suggested.

College Football World React