Being real. Kristin Cavallari's separation is one thing she's never regretted. The Very Cavallari alumni spoke out

about her feelings regarding her separation from Jay Cutler in a recent episode of The School of Greatness.

She shared her perspective on her story in The Podcast on June 29th, 2022. The most terrifying thing I've done was to get divorced. 

It's also the most rewarding thing I've ever done and has really accelerated my journey of self-love, and finding out my identity she admitted.

My children have encouraged me to become an improved version of myself," she referred to her children as Jay: Camden, Saylor, and Jaxon.

"I will only be as kind to my children as I do to me. If I'm not filled with love then I'm not able to offer them. Being able to feel motivated and love me so that I can give love to my children -

and helping them and encouraging them is one of the main things. It has brought me to a tranquil location. I'm at the highest level of happiness that I've felt all my life.

I'm more content than I've ever been." she said with confidence. "I'm not afraid anymore of being hurt.

I'm really looking forward to seeing who I could be in a relationship, because I feel like I've put in so much effort over during the past couple of years.

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I'm not eager to start the next relationship, but once I do I'll be excited to discover how different I could be.