Tony the winner Kristin Chenoweth went out to raise funds for her charity on Celebrity Family Feud on the night before.

She also stunned the host Steve Harvey and everyone else present with a sexually explicit answer to the first question.

You know, I'm extremely good with people." declared the host Steve Harvey, while introducing the actress. "You are a very pleasant person.

His impression of her was a bit shaky when he inquired "We asked 100 women, after the lips, what's your favorite part of a man to kiss?"

Chenoweth was the first one to get in but was quickly smacked since her response was so poor that the censor had to bleep her for a word that was a resemblance to her answer.

While the viewers don't know what she actually said and the reactions of the other contestants as well as Steve Harvey were quite shocking. Steve Harvey was a complete surprise.

"I'm sorry," Chenoweth apologized sincerely. "I'm an honest Christian girl. Please forgive me."

Kristin Chenoweth

The solution, however it might have been wasn't in the report. Despite her initial loss and embarrassment

she was able to earn $25,000 to The Kristin Chenoweth Foundation for Arts and Education.

Kristin Chenoweth