Katie Victoria Tunstall, real name Katie Victoria Tunstall, filed for divorce in 2015 after she was married more than five years earlier.

According to The Blast, the 47-year-old singer-songwriter claimed that their split was caused by "irreconcilable disagreements".

KT Tunstall

Many of those who love and follow KT’s moves and grooves were unaware of the divorce.

KT Tunstall Splits From Alexander Preston

The settlement stipulates that the ex-couple, who did not have children together, "voluntarily waived their right to receive support

for spousal purposes from the other party and that no court will have jurisdiction to ordain spousal assistance in the future."

KT is releasing a new album entitled 'NUT' despite her setback in martial arts. She also has a new song called 'Private Eyes.

She said that she would accept invitations to random parties after her big success. One night, at a small club in Soho in London,

a beautiful actress, who I didn’t know, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me down the stairs to the basement kitchen. 

She was afraid of the paparazzi following her outside, and she couldn't face them. As she was having a meltdown, Mascara ran down her face.