Kumail Najiani really misplaced his recent wedding anniversary! Monday night (8/8) for an interview with Rob McElhenney, the guest host.

During the interview, Kumail admitted that he had failed to give his wife Emily V. Gordon an anniversary gift.

Kumail shared. "Did they do anything special?" We were just working, you know. She produced the Chippendales Show,

and I was there. She was so adamant that she had seen me weeks ago, and she said, "Let's not get along with anything."

Kumail said that he had confirmed the no-gift agreement with Emily (43), several times during the weeks leading to their anniversary.

Kumail recalls, "I'm sleeping in bed the night before my wedding anniversary. I have to get up at 5 a.m. on the next day." "As I fall asleep, I get a text message from a friend.

He says, "Hey, big secret. I have bad news for you: One, she's got something, and two, it is really great."

Kumail Nanjiani

"I start spiraling because I haven’t bought a present and I am a man of my words," But I wake up the next day and I'm panicking. I go to work, and I am like, "What am I going to get her?"

Kumail finally took a break from his panic to play his favorite mobile game, Framed. This game is where you are shown a still image of a movie and have to guess the movie's source.