Despite her claims to be great close with Sutton Stracke, a fellow housewife, Kyle has never passed at the chance to dismiss her. 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hill

Whatever the reason, be it her illicit places of residence or her notorious gossip-mongering habits, Kyle's friendship with Sutton always raised some eyebrows.

However, the unwise dating advice the OG housewife offered to Sutton before her blind date has left people surprised.

In the clip that was published from Bravo for the new show, Sutton can be seen talking about her upcoming night out to Kyle.

When she saw Sutton all dressed up with her expensive jewelry and designer clothes with $7500 in Chanel handbags Kyle was unable to help. 

The housewife also said that Sutton should appear "a little low-income on dates so that she didn't look like an 'insecure' woman who can't be a good wife to her husband.

As Sutton was looking at her companion in shock, Kyle continued in his rant about how women ought to look vulnerable and vulnerable to attract men. 

A fan posted on Twitter, "Preview for this upcoming episode: I'm sorry to say that Kyle tells Sutton to appear "poor" or appear "poor" for her dates and giggling.. is giving classist mentality.

It feels mockerish #RHOBH." "Kyle tells Sutton"play it safe" and "act low" on dates to attract men is #rhobh," wrote one fan. 

Another fan asked "And what exactly is the best way to "act as poor" Kyle?" "Well Kyle needs to tell Erika White about try to act or look poor coz she's still wearing that $750k ring .