Kylie Jenner has defended herself after attacking an influencer in the beauty industry who claimed

Kylie Jenner Vs  Kevin James Bennett Fued

she was "gaslighting" her fans and asked questions about the validity of her Kylie Cosmetics safety practices.

Kevin James Bennett a makeup artist and cosmetic developer took to Instagram on Wednesday 3 August to draw attention 

to Jenner's Kardashians model's most recent social media post that featured Jenner 24 working with cosmetics "in the laboratory" in Italy,

"I am aware that the Kardashian/Jenner stans are likely to attack me because I'm calling them out on their makeup queen...but What's wrong with @kyliejenner?" the singer began his lengthy message.

"I'm a cosmetic developer and collaborate with manufacturers of cosmetics (and their laboratories) for the purpose of.

I have extremely short hair and have never been permitted into the lab or on the floor of manufacturing without hair nets and shoe cover masks... 

and disposable gloves," the man continued, making a fuss about the keeping up with the Kardashians celebrity's lack of proper clothes.

She went on to say, "This is a small private space that I use to create my own fun projects and create content with pictures that are far from the mass production.

Nobody is putting customers at risk! You are a sham! Kevin for informing people of false information