Lady Gaga didn't get the end she wanted. "I'm sorry that I couldn’t finish the show, it was too dangerous. The lightning was unpredictable.

It was changing every moment. I love you. You have been calling me "mother monster" for years but in my heart,

I knew it was safer to keep you safe." Gaga posted a selfie of herself in her show makeup and costume.

"Thank you for believing that I was capable. This was the most memorable tour of my life. I will treasure this moment for all eternity. It took me a while to heal but it was worth it.

Yes, of course, I wanted to sing rainy songs for you in the rain," Gaga said. "I'd prefer to be dry, but at the least I'm alive," I said.

I guess I somehow knew that this moment would come and I am so grateful for you, my dancers, and my band, as well as my entire crew and all my family and friends.

Safety first. We love you. We are grateful for your understanding and flowers. It is important to live. #thechromaticaball"

"I've known that for a long period, I've always wanted be like that hardcore bitch," Gaga said.

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But what I also want is to be responsible and loving, and I don’t know what would I do if anyone happened to me, my crew or my dancers."