Lady Gaga posted a video from behind stage on Instagram. She posted a video from backstage on Instagram

Lady Gaga 

openly discussing her emotions and nerves about returning to the stage and the significance behind the show.

I would like to let the viewers take this work in any manner you wish to however I'll say that it really captures the various phases and aspects of grief, 

as well as the maniacal energy of grief and, have experienced throughout my lifetime," the actress said.

"I am truly grateful to you for sticking with me and for loving me through the many versions of my art and my personal life.

She went on to say that I'm feeling calmer this morning than I have felt in a long while and I'm more pain-free than have been in years.

Also, being pain-free performing on stage is an incredible relief because I'm able to dance, sing, as well as enjoy the audience, take in the show and tell an engaging story.

I'm not sure I've ever been as elated as I am right now with the knowledge of the things we're about to do,"

she said. "But you've probably noticed that people constantly ask me every day what the story behind 'Chromatica'

is and also in the movie 'Babylon I'll say that it was a battle-fair life and when I wrote "Chromatica," I was fighting for my own life.