In the past offseason, NBA insider Shams Charania informed it was reported that Charlotte Hornets star LaMelo Ball was planning to change his jersey number. 2 to. 1.

On Friday, the swap was officially announced. The Hornets Twitter account published several photos of Melo wearing his brand-new No. 1 jersey.

The ball reached basketball fame in a no. 1 jersey. He wore the number as an aspiring teenager for Chino Hills High School and as an overseas professional in Lithuania.

It was reported that the All-Star player was required to change his number after his entry into the NBA as the third.

LaMelo Ball

3 overall selection in the draft in 2020. After his arrival to Charlotte, Malik Monk -who is now playing with the Los Angeles Lakers -- was already sporting the number. 1.

The NBA world has taken to Twitter to express their opinions on this number change. "It seems right to me," one wrote.

Let's GOOOO 1 IS BACK, another added. Finally, I can take the jersey home, and another added.

LaMelo Ball

Ball completed his Rookie of the Year campaign by having a much better season in 2021-22, and all with the no. 2 jersey.

The last time he played the player averaged 20.1 pointsand 7.6 assists, and 6.7 rebounding per game.