Angie Martinez enlisted the perfect source of light to start her brand new podcast, Angie Martinez IRL. Lauren London, actress, mother,

and forever companion to the late Nipsey Hussle -- sat down with the host of the show to talk about healing spirituality, her deep-rooted relationship with death,

"There's plenty that I can learn from you," Martinez exclaimed during the first few minutes of the show and she was absolutely right. 

London has been averse to numerous appearances and interviews in the months following Nip's tragic loss,

but she's remained a mysterious presence in the times she's briefly taken to the spotlight.

Lauren London Reveal

In addition to raising two sons and regaining a perspective on normalcy during the last 3 years of life, it demanded an enormous amount of learning and growth for London.

When she spoke about death and the absence of "death proper manners," she admittedly stated, "You don't know [how to deal with the fear of death until it's right at your door.

The front row of the funeral is different because [...] it changes your perception of life and makes you realize that life is limited and that it's an opportunity to give."

London remembered that all "faded to black" after the event was over. This was when everything became real.

"I was looking around and thinking, 'Oh my God, are you're are in this. It's a tunnel, baby , and you have to traverse it. 

There are no shortcuts to get out of it. It's impossible to turn around because there's nothing behind and all you can see is black and pitch-black ahead.

You don't know the length of this tunnel is and there's anybody in it with you... Wow,"

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